Pentagon announces sending more of its forces to Syria

American officials announced that the United States will send additional forces to northeastern Syria, in order to prevent Russian forces from crossing to the areas where the coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces exist there.

The American "NBC news" network quoted officials as saying that the aim of these forces is to dissuade the Russians from crossing into the eastern region, where the United States, the coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces are operating.

The Pentagon will deploy a small number of US forces to Syria after a series of escalating confrontations between the US and Russian militaries, according to three US defense officials.

The officials said the troops and vehicles would be a show of presence to dissuade the Russian military from crossing into the eastern security zone, where the United States, the coalition and the SDF operate.

The additional forces will include six Bradley combat vehicles and less than 100 soldiers to operate in northeast Syria over a period of ninety days.

An American official said, "These measures and reinforcements are a clear indication of Russia's commitment to the processes of mutual conflict resolution, and that Russia and the other parties should avoid unprofessional, unsafe and provocative actions in northeastern Syria."

The regions of northern and eastern Syria witnessed light confrontations between Russian and American forces, and Syrian government forces tried to attack American patrols in the area.



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