Pentagon confirms the continuation of military operations abroad

US Deputy Joint Chiefs of Staff John Hayton emphasized the continuation of US military operations abroad, despite Corona's outbreak that forces soldiers to take unprecedented precautions to protect themselves from the emerging virus.

"There is no impact on the operations and missions we are currently conducting around the world, and they are still being implemented according to the same rules and of the same model that was approved a month or two ago," US Deputy Joint Chiefs of Staff John Hayton told a group of reporters.

He added: "We continue to adapt to various restrictions, but the virus has no impact on these missions," stressing that the number of US soldiers infected with the virus abroad is "very limited."

The Pentagon announced on Wednesday that it had frozen for two months all the movements of the American military around the world, including the operations of sending soldiers to combat zones or returning them to their homeland, as part of its efforts to curb the new Corona epidemic.

In a statement, the US Department of Defense said: Defense Secretary Mark Esper has ordered the suspension of civilian and military transfers of all Pentagon employees abroad, for a period of 60 days, noting that the freeze also includes family members of these employees, if they live with them abroad.




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