Pentagon: we agreed with Turkey on "security mechanisms" without establishment of "safe area"

The Pentagon has confirmed that talks with Ankara are continuing and led to an understanding on "security mechanisms" and "joint leadership" without establishing a "safe area," as Turkey claims.

Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson said that the military meetings between the US and Turkey had made significant progress toward the development of "security mechanisms" in northeastern Syria, to address the concerns of the Turkish authorities.

Robertson added that the Pentagon "intends" to establish a joint military command in Turkey "in order to continue to discuss the planning and implementation mechanisms."

The State Department added that negotiations are continuing with Turkey on the details of the agreement on the safe area in northern Syria. The United States supports "the voluntary return of any refugee to Syria and the agreement on the safe area," the State Department said, reflecting the Pentagon's view that the agreement "will contain no provision on demographic change in the region."

While the Pentagon statement did not in any way point to a trend towards "creating a security zone" as Turkey claims, Robertson reminded that the Pentagon is committed to supporting its allies and defeating IS.

He concluded that the implementation of security mechanisms with Turkey will go through several stages and that discussions with them are still ongoing.

US military officials are negotiating with their Turkish counterparts to avoid a new Turkish intervention in Syria.

Turkey has reiterated in recent days that if the US proposals are not "satisfactory", it will launch operation in Syria to impose a "safe area" unilaterally.


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