​​​​​​​People Defense: Turkish occupation deliberately bombed Iraqi vehicles 

The People Defense Forces (HPG) said that the occupying Turkish state deliberately targeted Iraqi army vehicles even though they carried the Iraqi flag, and that this attack led to the martyrdom of Iraqi army officers as well as fighters from their forces.

The Media Center of the People Defense Forces stated that the Turkish occupation state's targeting of the Iraqi army was intentional.

On the subject, the People Defense Forces said: “On August 11, the Iraqi government forces held a meeting with our forces about the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the area and resolving disputes. Immediately after the meeting, the Turkish occupation army bombed the place of the meeting. Despite the presence of the Iraqi flag on the vehicles, the Turkish occupation army deliberately bombed it, in which Iraqi army officers and officials were martyred.

Targeting vehicles carrying the Iraqi flag

The fascist Turkish state targeted the Iraqi army with a cowardly attack, this is very clear. The Turkish state does not accept something called dialogue and solution. They brutally bombed vehicles carrying the Iraqi flag. In a situation where all problems could be solved through dialogue, the fascist Turkish state launched such an attack. The statements of the Kurdistan Region Government show that the murderous Turkish state has the right to attack and that the attack is related to us is unfounded. With these statements, they do not pay attention to the dangers that threaten the people of the region. Such statements must be retracted and statements that show that the fascist Turkish state has the right to attack.

We extend our condolences to the family of Muhammad Rashid Suleiman and Zubair Hali Taj al-Din, who lost their lives in the attack. We also extend our condolences to the Kurdish and Arab peoples and the Iraqi state, and express our deep sorrow for the fall of the martyrs.

It is clear that the murderous Turkish state is moving according to Ottoman dreams. In the face of this occupation attack on the Kurdish and Arab peoples and all other peoples, a joint struggle is waged, because it is clearly visible that this fascist regime poses a great danger to all peoples.

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