People in Ain Issa condemn Turkish Occupation and Pro mercenaries

On Wednesday, hundreds of people of Ain Issa and countryside took to the streets in a big demonstration condemning latest offensive by the Turkish Occupation Army and the affiliated mercenaries, and the random bombardment on the area, calling on the international community to deter such attacks, while a delegation went to the Russian Base, to hand over a protesting memo.

The demonstration that condemned the Turkish assaults set off from the Military Discipline Circle and arrived at the Municipality Circle at the centre of the town.  

The demonstrators hold banners that read '' No to Turkish Occupation, Yea to Revolution gains, Suffice Wars, stop splitting blood, ,,, we want to liberate people and land from Terrorist Turkish Occupation,  end Tal Abyad occupation,,, end occupation of our lands'', in addition to martyrs' photos and banners of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF.

At arrival to the Municipality Circle, deputy co-chair of the council of the Gire Spi Canton, Sabri Nebo, delivered a speech, in which he condemned the Turkish assault on the region, and targeting of innocent civilians. As well as denouncing the international community regarding such breaches accusing the Russian Guarantors of complicity with Turkish Occupation Forces against north and east Syria, citing their silence regarding offensives and shelling that distances from the Russian Base just 1 km.

After the demonstration came to an end, a delegation from notables of the region headed to the Russian Base at Ain Issa to denounce their silence and to bound to it's commitments to cease Turkish assaults on the region, and handing them a protesting memo. 

Lately, the Ain Issa district is being undergoing intensive shelling for more than 40 days, in addition to a ground offensive in line with tens of rocket missiles, that was repelled by Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, where tens of people slept outside.



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