People of Afrin demanded Russia expel Turkish occupation from Afrin

In a demonstration in which thousands of people took part in, the residents of the Afrin canton living in al-Shahba demanded Russia to end the Turkish occupation from Afrin by sending a letter to a Russian residence in the village of Kashtar.


One year after the Turkish occupation of the Afrin canton, thousands of Afrin residents living in al-Shahba went to the main Russian headquarters in the village of Kashtar in Shirawa district.

A convoy of buses headed this morning from all the villages of al-Shahba and the area of Shirawa and the camps that includes the people of Afrin, towards the area of Shirawa, and when reaching Aleppo International Road, the people organized a mass rally carrying pictures of martyrs and wounded civilians, and pictures of thousands of martyrs of YPG and YPJ , and olive branches, chanting slogans condemning international silence on Afrin.

Then a delegation of Autonomous Administration was formed in the Afrin region, which included the joint presidency of the region Bakr Alo and Shiraz Hamo, the mother of martyr Karzan Amal Kahraman, and headed towards the headquarters gate to deliver the letter of the people of Afrin to the concerned parties.

The letter demanded remove the Turkish occupation from Afrin.



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