People of Afrin region offered condolences to families of Resistance of Age martyrs

The people of Afrin and al-Shahba canton offered condolences to the families of Resistance of the Age martyrs who were announced today in funeral ceremonies in which the people pledged to continue walking on the martyrs' path till achieving the victory and returning to Afrin.


The Martyrs Families Council in Afrin region erected a condolences tent of Tal Qerah village in al- Shahba to offer condolences to the families of the martyrs "Omar Seydo whose nom de guerre Amed Afrin, Mohammed Amin whose nom de guerre Sipan Afrin, Hashem Hashem whose nom de guerre Ali Sher Murdam, Mohammed Osman whose nom de guerre Mazloum Dogan, Abdulla Mohamed whose nom de guerre Karker Amanus, Kamal Rashid whose nom de guerre Qerman Firat, Serbet Brazzi whose nom de guerre Jean Polat Brazzi, Ali Khaliju whose nom de guerre Temav, Hamza Rasho whose nom de guerre Hawar Afrin, Farzand Suleiman whose nom de guerre Jekdar Amanus and Abdul Rahman Ali whose nom de guerre Delshier Heleb .

Hundreds of residents of Afrin and al-Shahba came to the tent of condolence, and then the funeral ceremony began by holding a minute of silence, which was followed by delivering speeches that offered condolences to the families of martyrs and wished them patience and solace.

The speeches also referred to the role of martyrs who sacrificed their souls in order to build a democratic society and stand in the face of occupation.

The speeches pledged to continue walking in the path of the martyrs until achieving the victory and return to liberated Afrin.



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