People of Afrin: We draw strength from hunger strikers

The residents of Afrin said they draw the will from the resistance of hunger strikers, and pointed to the importance of the work of international organizations to meet the demands of hunger strikers "because their health conditions deteriorate."


The co-chair of the Democratic People's Party(HDP), Leyla Guven, and the member of the representative of HDP in the city of Hewlêr Nasser Yagiz, and dozens of detainees and activists have been on hunger strike for months, demanding lifting the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

In various parts of Kurdistan, they are supporting activities of hunger strikers, in conjunction with the poor health of the hunger strikers. In this context, the people of Afrin, who live in al- Shahba after they left their homes forcibly as a result of the Turkish aggression, noted that they draw the will from the strength of the  hunger strikers.

The citizen Othman said that they would support hunger strikers, he added

"In order to lift the isolation imposed on Ocalan some of the hunger strikers may be martyred, but we are on their way, we will organize activities and go to the squares to support the resistance, we will thwart plots against the Kurdish people."

The citizen Amina Khelounek, saluted the hunger strikers struggle to lift the isolation posed on Ocalan, and said: "We draw the will and morale from this resistance."

Amina called on organizations and human rights to respond to the demands of hunger strikers and lift the isolation of Ocalan.

The citizen Mohammed Ahmed condemned the international silence and the international community's failure to fulfill its humanitarian duty towards Turkish state practices against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan adding, "The Turkish state cannot, by isolating the leader, keep us away from him."



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