People of Euphrates Region demonstrated against building occupation's walls in Afrin

Hundreds of the Euphrates Region people demonstrated today rejecting the demographic change and the separation wall built by the Turkish occupation in Afrin.  

People of Kobanî demonstrated at the invitation by the PYD  to condemn the Turkish occupation practices in building the separation wall in Afrin to annex it to the Turkish state lands.

 Administrators in the political parties and the institutions of the Autonomous  Administration in Kobanî and Girê Spî cantons in addition to hundreds of people of the region participated in the demonstration.

The demonstrators raised the flags of PYD and the Martyrs' Families Council, in addition to the photos of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The demonstration kicked off from the Free Woman's Square amid chanting slogans that salute Afrin people and condemn building the occupation walls.

Aisha Afandi, member of the PYD's Council in Kobanî delivered a speech and said," the plot continues in Afrin city which suffers from the Turkish occupation and the demographic change, and we will escalate the struggle and the resistance till liberating Afrin from the Turkish occupation."

Moreover, the demonstration ended by chanting the slogans that condemned building the occupation wall.   



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