People of Girê Spî continue to stand as human shields on borders

The residents of Girê Spî canton to stand as human shields on the Syrian-Turkish border for the sixth day in a row continue, denouncing Turkey's recent threats of aggression against areas in northern and eastern Syria.

Under the tents set up in al-Manbateh neighborhood of the Syrian-Turkish border, the people of Girê Spî confirm their rejection of Turkish threats and stand as human shields against any Turkish aggression on the region.

The former co-chair of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Girê Spî Mansour Selom said that the region is living thanks to the democratic revolution in the region a state of true brotherhood between all components.

"This revolution is based on the principles of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who calls for love, brotherhood, coexistence and peace."

He sent a message to the Syrians who support the policy of the Turkish occupation state and said that they are being used as a tool by the Turkish occupation and called them to return home and that Erdogan exploited them after his failure under the pretext of  establishing a buffer zone on these borders.

Then, many speeches delivered which confirmed that the people of the region reject all the Turkish threats and reject any aggression targets the area.



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