People of Kobani in mass demo: No to Turkish occupation, long live Guerrilla resistance

Thousands of people from Koban canton took to the streets in a demonstration denouncing the Turkish attacks on the Gara region in southern Kurdistan, and expressing their rejection of the Southern Kurdistan authorities' indolence with the Turkish attacks.

Thousands of young men and women from Kobani canton flocked to the Free Woman Square to join the demonstration rejecting the Turkish attacks targeting the Kurdish people's presence, especially the recent Turkish attack on Gara region of southern Kurdistan yesterday.

The demonstration started from the Free Women Square, passing through Freedom Square in the city center, to the Martyr Agid Square, chanting slogans condemning the crimes committed against the Kurdish people.

The demonstration included a protest stand in the Martyr Agid Square, where the co-chair of the Kobani Canton Council, Mustafa Ito, delivered a speech in which he said: “These attacks are related to the conspiracy that targeted the person of leader Abdullah Ocalan. The entire history of the Turkish occupation is linked to the crimes committed and are still committed against the Kurdish people.”

Mustafa Ito added, "Now they want to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan. They depend on some Kurdish parties that work against the Kurdish issue, and our people must know well that the Turkish occupation today is attacking the entire Kurdish people in cooperation with the authorities of the Kurdistan region, but we are confident that our people will stand up to this employment. "

Ito noted "the occupation and its aides wanted to bring ISIS and all terrorist factions into the city of Kobani, and that goal is the same goal behind the attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, which is to end the Kurdish movement and eliminate any Kurdish political and military activity."

Then the member of Kongra Star Hadla Hassan read a statement on behalf of the components of the Euphrates region.

The statement condemned and denounced all the attacks of the fascist Turkish state on every inch of southern and western Kurdistan, especially the recent attack on Gara, and condemned betrayal that is complicit with it as the attack was preceded by joint preparations between the fascist Turkish state and Barzani’s forces, and appealed to all international and regional powers and Kurdish parties to face these attacks

The demonstration ended amid chanting slogans condemning the crimes committed against the Kurdish people.



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