People of Kobani offered condolences to martyrs' families

Dozens of the people of Kobanî canton offered condolences to the families of 3 martyrs who were martyred in different places in a funeral ceremony held in the shrine of the martyr Dejla of Kobanî canton.    

Dozens of people of Kobani canton and the members of the Autonomous Administration institutions, the political parties, the civil society institutions a funeral ceremony held in the Shrine of the martyr Dejla for the 3 martyrs who are : Abedo Omar, the nom de guerre Restem Kobanî who was martyred in the Resistance of the Age, Khalil Ibrahim Sobaji the member of the Internal Security Forces in Serin district, and Hifa Haj Kero the nom de guerre whose nom de guerre Nojin Ararat who is a fighter in YPJ during performing the duty.

The funeral took place in a tent erected this morning where the member of Kongra Star in the city of Kobanî Khan Abdo delivered a speech in which she expressed the condolence to the families of the martyrs, and promised to follow their path until victory.

Other speeches were also delivered under the tent of condolence, stressing the need to confront anyone who tries to encroach upon the homeland, which was liberated by the blood of the martyrs.

The funeral ceremony will continue for three consecutive days.



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