People of north, east Syria have right to try Daesh

Al-Shadadi people's district belonging to al-Hasakah canton said that the people of northern and eastern Syria have the right to try Daesh, because they have severely suffered from their practices, where the children of the areas sacrificed of themselves to liberate the area from the abomination of Daesh.

After the eradication of Daesh mercenaries militarily in all the cities and the areas of north and east Syria by Syrian Democratic Forces' fighters, the file of the trial of mercenaries who practiced terrorism against the region was opened. In this regard al-Shadadi people's district belonging to al-Hasakah canton in Al-Jazeera region indicated that the people of the area have the right to trial mercenaries, because they had severely suffered from their practices.

The administrator in Martyrs' Families Institutions, Mhommed al-Talfah said that" the areas of north and east of Syria had been exposed to inhumane practices by Daesh mercenaries, where they practiced terrorism against the people and deprived them of their right to life. And added "the entire world must recognize that it is the SDF that eradicated of Daesh mercenaries."

In the same context, the citizen from the people of the area, Ali Hamid has stressed, that the international countries must establish an international court on the land where mercenaries committed crimes against the people.

Hamid said "We fought mercenaries, and we made sacrifices until we achieved victory and defeated mercenaries. That is why we must prosecute mercenaries because we are the only ones who had suffered from their practices."




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