People of Qamishlo: Countries must take their citizens who joined IS, bear their responsibilities

The people of Qamishlo canton called on international bodies to shoulder their responsibilities towards their citizens who joined IS and who are now in the hands of Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF).


The people of northern and eastern Syria, especially the cities and towns of Rojava, managed to thwart the ambitions of these mercenary groups, but they, like the rest of the Syrian regions, received their share of suffering, devastation and destruction at the hands of various groups from 2012 to the present day, the first was Jabhat al-Nusra and IS mercenaries recently.

So far, the struggle of the sons and daughters of north and east of Syria continues through SDF in their battles against mercenaries. As the control of the last enclaves of mercenaries comes to an end, in Deir ez-Zor, the number of mercenaries in the grip of SDF is increasing daily, who have surrendered during the fighting there, among them the families of mercenaries who were recently assembled in a special part within al-Hol camp amid tight security measures.

Therefore, the presence of IS mercenaries in the in prisons and thousands their families of different Arab and foreign nationalities in the camps of Democratic Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria put the region under a heavy burden amid international silence about these mercenaries and their families, which may pose a threat to the region in the future.

As for these mercenaries and their families in the prisons and camps of northern Syria, Samira

 Mohammed a citizen of al-Kornish neighborhood of Qamishlo canton said,

"The mercenaries must return to their countries which must take responsibility for their citizens."

She added, "the international silence and the non-evacuation of these countries to their citizens from our lands shows their satisfaction with what they did. They have to provide the material and logistical support and come to our regions and participate in the trial of their citizens in competent courts in the regions of Rojava."

Citizen Abdul Baqi Ibrahim called on international communities to shoulder their responsibilities towards their citizens who are prisoners and detainees and added

Western countries should connect with the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the north and east of Syria to establish an international tribunal for the immediate prosecution of mercenaries, those who are now detained, and to find a formula for the evacuation of mercenary families to their countries.

Recently, hundreds of IS mercenaries from different foreign nationalities have surrendered to SDF, especially after being surrounded in a small area in the village of al-Bagouz east of

 Deir ez-Zor and more than 9,000 people from mercenary families of Syrians, Iraqis and various foreign nationalities are isolated in al-Hol camp, east of al-Hasakah canton.

Citizen Tayseer Ali said: "We, as residents of Qamishlo, suffered from murder, looting and  SDF must be watchful because those mercenaries pose threats to our areas and country."

SDF and the Autonomous Administration have repeatedly asked the world to take mercenaries and their families from the north of Syria, but so far no steps have been taken.



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