People's resistance is facing occupation's policy

With the aim of displacing civilians and dividing the Syrian territory by the Turkish occupation army, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries targeted the Tel Refaat district, which is inhabited by the residents of Afrin and al-Shahba, with more than 40 shells. The residents stressed that the aim of the Turkish occupation is to displace the population and practice the occupation policy in the region.

The Tel Refaat district is home to more than 25,000 civilians from al-Shahba and Afrin who were forcibly displaced as a result of attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on their town.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, based in the town of Azaz and Mara and the village of Kafr Khashir, targeted at 7:20 am Tel Refaat hill and the villages of Beluniya and Ain Diqna with more than 40 shells.

The shelling resulted in the destruction of dozens of houses in the area and the destruction of a number of cars belonging to the people of Afrin. The shelling also resulted in the death of Amin Ibrahim Jawish, 74, from the village of Befflon, of the people of Afrin, and the injury of the citizens of Farida Bakr 22 years, the girl Yasmin Abdul Aziz, 12, and young Shervan Mohammed Duliko 23 years. They were sent to Avrin Hospital in Fafin district for treatment.

In this regard, the residents of Afrin, whose houses were damaged told our agency ANHA, said they remain in Shahba and will resist all attacks.

"We have come out of Afrin forcibly as a result of the attacks and shelling on our heads. Today they want to displace us again with their missiles and attacks. We will not be afraid and we will not escape their bombardment. We will resist," the citizen Suleiman Ibish said.

The citizen Haiva Fathi Daoud also spoke in this regard, "because of their shells we left Afrin, we will resist in al-Shahba as we resisted in Afrin."

"There is no military among us, we are all civilians, why are they targeting civilians? A shell landed close to our house. My little daughter was hit by shrapnel in her waist," said Abdul Aziz Abdullah, who was sleeping when the shells hit their houses indiscriminately.



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