Pessimistic expectations of Syrian opponents regarding Constitutional Committee

On behalf of the Syrians, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced the formation of the Constitutional Committee, following a summit between the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey in Ankara, a committee that excluded representatives from five million Syrians, and sparked considerable controversy in the democratic circles with low expectations of its success.

The "guarantors of Astana" Russia, Turkey and Iran completed the first stage of the file of the Constitutional Committee through their meeting in Ankara, which was held on the sixteenth of this month, on behalf of the Syrian people, who were surprised by the date and lists.

Russia began in 2016 to promote a new Syrian constitution in May 24, 2016, the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, which is close to the Syrian regime, said Moscow had finalized a draft constitution for Syria, in which Russia tried to draft sweet laws and constitutional articles to attract Syrian parties.

However, after the Russians, the Iranians and the Turks reached understandings on the Syrian arena, and to approve the so-called de-escalation agreement that these countries used to devote their interests and occupation to Syrian territory, they had to change the constitution's goal to legitimize this occupation and dominate the Syrian people.

This alliance worked to change the military map in Syria according to its new interests. Turkey worked to withdraw its mercenaries from many areas in Ghouta, Aleppo countryside and Homs to the Idlib region, and among the deals that Turkish occupation to Afrin, and brought its mercenaries and their families to it, which also caused a demographic change in these regions.

After all, this alliance believes that the military victory achieved will remain incomplete if it is not entrenched through political progress to achieve its interests, and the way out for them is the Syrian constitution.

Russia will seek to consolidate its political influence over what it called from the beginning a useful Syria, which includes the areas under the control of the regime, while the Turkish strategy in turn is to keep the mercenaries under its control, and dialogue with the regime to make them part of the next power as well as support in controlling areas under the armed groups; now they are at the forefront of Jarablus, Bab, Idlib and Afrin, and Turkey is seeking to have a stake in any political settlement.

Opposition dissatisfied... Who are the members of the committee then?

Regarding the formation of the Constitutional Committee and the fact that the opposition is represented in it, the Syrian political researcher and opponent Lama al-Atassi said: "In the eyes of the external superpowers, I mean the United States, Russia and Europe, the time has not yet come for a serious Syrian national debate among all the Syrian components on living together in the future. The question that poses itself here is about the marginalization of some parties, which means that the interior is not concerned with what is being externally devised, currently talking about the constitution is a formal initiative that does not reflect anything serious at the national level.

The committee is a scenario like the National Council and the coalition, no one knows how it was formed and what it will do!

"The Constitutional Committee looks like a new Syrian scene, like the National Council and the coalition before it. Nobody knows how it was formed, why, and what it will do. It is just a public scene of media export that may mark the beginning of a new phase of soft international diplomacy to find a solution between the external contenders on Syria," Atassi said. Perhaps if countries agree, they will sign the code in their names on the outcome of the work as usual without participating in it, so we may expect withdrawals and quarrels that will remain as in the coalition very formal, and will not change the international course of the decision on the future of Syria."

The Syrian opponent Lama al-Atassi stressed, "the lack of participation of the Autonomous Administration and other important parties in the conflict confirms the importance of the Constitutional Committee."

Following the announcement of the Constitutional Committee, the Syrian regime announced the list of its representatives in the committee, which includes figures from traders, contractors and others, while the list of so-called civil society was announced.

The Constitutional Committee is nothing more than a non-surgical cosmetic procedure

"The Constitutional Committee, as I have received, is the first political victory of the regime since 2011. The names are 113 if they are not guaranteed in the sense of commitment, they are compatible with the regime in the fundamental issues in which we disagree with the 2012 constitution from state neutrality to religion and ideology to modern administrative decentralization and the issue of fundamental freedoms and rights," said Haitham Manna, a leader of the National Democratic Congress of Syria.

"In this sense, it will only be a non-surgical plastic surgery that allows the American, Russian and Guterres to put the UN energy on the next constitution and put those who object to it outside international legitimacy," Manna said. "We asked for the names of our candidates to be withdrawn so that they would not be false witnesses."

Representatives of N, E Syria absent... We refuse to turn to witnesses to dividing Syria

Representatives of northern and eastern Syria were absent from the lists of the Constitutional Committee under joint Turkish-Russian pressure, thus eliminating about 5 million Syrian citizens from this committee, which could establish the division of the country.

"At the outset it is not possible to say that the so-called constitutional committee has acquired the legal and constitutional status, and the chances of submitting these names appear to be ambiguous," Sihanouk Dibo, a member of the presidential council of the Syrian Democratic Council, told ANHA.

SDC: Participants play the role of witnesses for the constitution of the Western Syrian Republic

"Important readings, this committee is contradictory, and the rules of procedure of the committee are also unknown," he said. "When Mr. Guterres says the committee will react in the coming weeks, as if he doubts the announcement of the outcome, it seems to us if they insist that this is the constitutional committee." Most of the names mentioned are unrelated to the constitution. Do they know that they are the witnesses of the constitution of the Western Republic of Syria?

Sihanouk Dibo explained their position on this, saying, "We in SDC, reject this committee and do not consider it legitimate and legal in the exclusion of representatives of about 5 million Syrians, i.e. the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration of the north and east of Syria, because we refuse to divide Syria and refuse to turn to witnesses on its fragmentation, as we see in the exclusion of the most effective party in solving the Syrian crisis as stalemate and consolidating the Syrian crisis, and the instability of the region and destabilizing its security.

Dibo predicted the committee's failure "and through this everyone should know that there will be no serious research on the constitution, and this committee will be like the previous plans such as Astana, Sochi and Geneva meetings and de-escalation, all of this is part of a farce in which those who confiscated the opinion of the Syrians and their country to crown those who do not represent them as masters, in preparation for an international settlement that achieves their conflicting interests at the expense of the interests of the Syrian people. "

"Everyone should also know that it is not all over," he said. "It was imposed on the Syrians. The parties that were not represented in this skit: the components of northern and eastern Syria and other Syrian figures, will create solutions of another kind. As the war necessitated that they do not leave the Syrian field to terrorism, so politics requires them not to abandon the field to the new guardianship and mandate.



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