PKK commemorated at Syrian capital Damascus

The Kurdish colony in the Syrian capital Damascus held an activity in commemoration of the 42nd of the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, in which all participants confirmed the significant role played by the party to prove the actual reality of the Kurdish people fighting on the road to freedom. 

On the 42nd annual anniversary of the establishment of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, the PKK, martyrs' families organized a ceremonial in the Syrian capital, Damascus, attended by tens of people of the Kurdish colony living in Damascus, in which speeches were delivered praising the role played by Kurdistan Workers' Party in the fight for gaining freedom for the Kurdish people.

Speeches indicated also that establishment of the party was a turning point and a new revival in the history of the Kurds and that of Kurdistan in all arenas, politically, socially and culturally, and that the struggle by the party in Rojava or Western Kurdistan and in Syria has a massive effect in the Rojava Revolution, as a result of 30 years struggle in the region by the party that was a principal pillar in the Rojava Revolution.    

At the, Martyr Serhed Band played some songs to which the presence reacted and held dancing circles.


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