PKK commemorated Resistance of July 14 martyrs, called to step up struggle

The Executive Committee of PKK commemorated the 37th anniversary of  Resistance of July 14 and called to step up the struggle and avenge martyr Helmet.

The PKK's Executive Committee issued a written statement in conjunction with the 37th anniversary of the July 14 Resistance.

The statement commemorated at the beginning, the martyrs of the Resistance of July 14, representated by the martyrs Muhammad Khairi Dormosh, Kamal Pir, Akef Yilmaz and Ali Gigik, and renewed the pledge to continue their march until the achievement of their goals.

In its statement, the PKK noted that the Resistance of July 14 was the light that illuminated the darkness of the September 12 coup and stressed that the struggle for freedom for Kurdistan would not be defeated.

"As everyone knows, all the gains made over 37 years in Kurdistan were achieved thanks to the great resistance of 14 July, which later turned into a leap of August 15 and thus turned into a revolution of national revival. The revolution of women's freedom and therefore it is this struggle that has achieved these gains in all parts of Kurdistan and in the diaspora, whether the revolution of freedom in northern Kurdistan, or the democratic national revolution in southern Kurdistan or the gains of the revolution of freedom in Rojava "

PKK also said in its statement that the year 38 of the resistance of July 14 will be the year of resistance led by our " great martyr Helmet" and it will be the year of avenge the martyr Helmet.

At the end of its statement, the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) appealed to all the people of Kurdistan, in particular youth, women and all democratic forces, to take the streets and squares in creative ways to make the 38th year of resistance a year for the victory.



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