Planting trees in "Ocalan's Park" in Girgê Legê

In conjunction with the anniversary of the birth of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, hundreds of people participated in the planting of trees in "Ocalan's Park" in Girgê Legê.

The people gathered in Ocalan 's Park in Girgê Legê district where the administrator in Kongra Star Maliha Abdullah delivered a speech and said  "The birth of the leader is the birth of humanity and the birth of a free woman who came out of his thought from the darkness to the light so that the birth of the leader is our birth ".

Maliha Abdullah congratulated Ocalan and all the peoples of the Middle East on this occasion and called for an escalation of the struggle to break the isolation of Ocalan.

And then the people began to plant trees amid the slogans that saluted Ocalan.




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