Political Parties call on International Community to stop Turkish settlement project

10 Arab, Kurdish and Syriac parties in the district of Terbespi condemned the Turkish attacks on the regions of NE Syria, and called on the International Community to stop the Turkish settlement project in the occupied areas.

The political parties in the Terbespi district of Qamishlo canton denounced the Turkish bombing and operations of demographic change, during a statement read in front of the Democratic Union Party office in Terbespi by the member of the leadership body of the Modernity and Democracy Party, Ibrahim Al-Tallaj.

The statement indicated, "The Turkish state continues to follow its racist fascist policy towards the peoples of the region and its components, whether inside Turkey or towards the peoples of NE Syria.

At the beginning of May, the Turkish occupation state announced a settlement project in the occupied areas, which is to include building settlements for about one million Syrian refugees.

In a previous statement, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria had welcomed the return of Syrian refugees, but to their lands and not to the areas occupied by Turkey (Tal Abyad, Idlib, Jarabulus, Serêkaniyê, Afrin, Al-Bab, and Azaz).

In this context, the statement of the political parties added, "The Turkish occupation has recently built settlements in Afrin, Tel Abyad and Serêkaniyê, and brought Syrian refugees for their settlement, with the aim of making a demographic change to the region at the expense of its indigenous peoples.

The signatories to the statement:

1-Syriac Union Party

2- Modernity and Democracy Party.

3- Conservative Party.

4- Kurdistan Democratic Roj Party

5- Democratic Green Party

6- Syrian Construction and Development Party

7- Democratic Peace Party

8- Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria

9- Arab National Authority

10- Democratic Union Party.