Political, social dialogues in preparation for general conference of opposition forces

The Syrian Democratic Council intensified its political dialogues and meetings with the aim of holding a general conference of the Syrian opposition, in addition to expanding social work alongside the political and reaching all segments of society. In this context, the council's office in Tirbe Spiyê has been expanded to include 4 districts and one city.

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) aims to reach all segments of the society to introduce the council and its national project. Therefore, it has recently intensified meetings and dialogues with politicians and tribal dignitaries. It also expanded its office in the area of ​​Tirbe Spiyê, which was opened two years ago, to become a center including Tirbe Spiyê, Tel Hamis, Tel Koçer, Girkê Legê districts and Derik city.

Hikmat Habib, deputy co-chair of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council and head of the party's organization office explained to our agency that the Syrian Democratic Council after their founding conference, there was an expansion project for the council. After the liberation campaigns against Daesh mercenaries and the Syrian Democratic Forces' victories, the council decided to resume its meetings to introduce the national project.

The Deputy co-chair of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council said that the region has a variety of components of the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and ethnic groups of Yazidis and Circassians, Muslims and Christians, and said: "This diversity created a difference of views, and the Syrian Democratic Council is attempting to accommodate these views to reach with the community to compromise formulas for the future Syria."

The dialogue is open with everyone even opponents

As for the activities of the Syrian Democratic Council in the region, Hikmat Habib said that they will intensify meetings with tribal leaders, intellectuals of the region and its components and with opposition figures, and then hold a public meeting in addition to organizing workshops to discuss social and political issues.

Habib revealed that after the success of the Clans' Forum held in 3 May in Ain Issa area in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council and the Office of Diplomatic and External Relations will attempt to consolidate social relations and bring new tribal and party figures to the council.

SDC is moving towards a general conference of opposition forces

The Deputy co-chair of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council Hikmat Habib said that the council, after holding meetings and dialogues with various personalities holding different views; the region's notables, intellectuals and components will be working to hold a national conference of the opposition forces at home and abroad.



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