Political writer, activist: Syria unity guarantees Syrians' rights, SDF capable of leading stage

The writer and political activist Ali al-Amin al-Swed said that the Turkish occupation will put its hand on Idlib governate permanently, noting that the unity of the Syrians is the only guarantor to restore the rights of the Syrian people in life and freedom. He said that the Syrian Democratic Forces have a golden opportunity to lead the current stage and reshape Syria on foundations of democracy and decentralized rule.

Tensions between the Syrian regime and the Turkish-backed mercenary groups are escalating in De-escalation in Idlib governate, while Turkey continues to fail to control the status of mercenary areas in the governate.

As for the latest developments in Idlib, our agency ANHA conducted an interview with the Syrian writer and political activist Ali al-Amin al-Swed.

The following is the text:

How does the tension between Turkey and Russia effect the implementation of Idlib agreement between Turkey and the United States in light of the repercussions of Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 and its threat of launching aggression on north and east of Syria on the situation in Idlib?

The United States of America links its acceptance of the sale of the Patriot system to Turkey by renouncing the latter's alliance with Russia, while Turkey finds itself virtually incapable of fulfilling America's legitimate wishes. The dictator, Erdogan, has taken his decision to resort to Putin, who limitlessly supports tyrants.

There is no disagreement between Russia and Turkey on the implementation of the Idlib Agreement, because the agreement is originally not announced so it could be said the parties agreed or not, but there is an alliance and harmony in positions to serve the interests of the two parties, knowing that Turkey is using Russian threats and hollow warnings to intimidate the terrorist organizations that might resist Turkish will.

The tension in Idlib between the forces of the regime and the mercenaries of Turkey is escalating, where does the status quo in this part of Syria head to?

Turkey was able to contain all the factions of the Free Army and subject them to its authorities by using its powerful arm of the Fascist Jabhit al-Nusra and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood factions such as Ahrar Sham, Suqour al-Sham and Failaq al-Sham. Turkey, in addition to being a direct occupying state in Afrin and around it.

Turkey has transformed both Idlib case and S-400 system purchase from Russia or the Patriot system from America into two bargaining cards to be presented to Russia and America for its basic purpose aimed at eliminating Syrian Democratic Forces with international approval. It also aims to exterminate the Syrian Kurdish citizens, to settle refugees from the south of Syria and Turks in their place in light of international silence, if it internationally could not annex these areas to its sovereignty, as it did in Cilicia and the Iskenderun before.

Turkey and Russia allow the regime to bomb civilians, knowing that the attack on Idlib is what makes the US administration talk and dialogue. The US has opposed any Russian-Turkish action against Idlib on several occasions and warned them against invading Idlib.

So any bombing on Idlib is intended to oblige the Americans to sit at the table of the negotiations to achieve the interests of Turkey and Russia.

There are Turkish plans to merge Jabhit al-Nusra with the so-called Turkey-backed National Army. Can Turkey implement this plan, what danger does this scheme pose on Syria and its future, and what are the objectives that Turkey aims to reach, and whom uses to implement?

If Turkey realizes that its goal of destroying SDF and implementing the demographic change in the entire region of northern Syria is impossible, it will finally put its hand on Idlib governate and its surroundings with mercenaries and armed agents' help on the land of Idlib.

It will dissolve Jabhit al-Nusra in addition to all the armed formations, and the restructuring of all within one military force affiliated to it, and this is very easy and is about to be implemented, and since the scene of the bombing of the convoy of mercenary Abu Mohammed Golani, he did not appear on the media as if his role was over, as a start to the restructuring of mercenary forces.

What could Syrian national forces do to thwart the schemes of the Turkish occupation?

In view of the Syrian scene in the north, we cannot but find that Syrian Democratic Forces, which include fighters of all sects and components in the Syrian north, and achieved great victories over Daesh, must undertake leading the current stage in Syria by calling on those loyal to free Syria to join its ranks of all parts of Syria to engage in its formations, and start imposing the conditions of the Syrian people on the regime by implementing the Geneva Conventions one, and the UN resolution 2254.

The unity of the Syrians is the only guarantor for the restoration of the rights of the Syrian people to life, freedom and citizenship that reconcile themselves firstly and others secondly.

The Syrian Democratic Forces have a golden opportunity to lead the current phase and re-form Syria on democratic bases and decentralized rule in which nationalities, ethnicities, religions and diversity of citizens are respected in various fields.

When SDF seek recognition for self-rule, the regime will portray it as a prelude to division, which is not true. But when it demands its decentralized rule and the rest of the Syrian regions and seek to do so, the people will understand the justice of the issue and the Assad regime will be stuck in the corner after stripping it of its arguments and exposing its lies.



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