Politician: Guarantor’s scheme failed in north-east Syria

Hussein Al-Ali, the Member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Left Party, said that the plans of the Russian "guarantor" and the Turkish occupation have failed in the region thanks to the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the will of the peoples of the region, pointing out that the Turkish occupation, through its crimes, is working to revive the Millî Pact.

The Turkish occupation and the mercenaries of the so-called “Syrian National Army” continue their attacks and crimes against the peoples of north and east Syria in light of the continued bombardment of Ain Issa and Tel Tamr countryside.

The crimes and shelling of the Turkish occupation and its Syrian mercenaries are occurring on an almost daily basis and before the Russian “guarantor” which is considered one of the sponsors of the ceasefire operations in north and east Syria.

Regarding the silence of the “guarantor”, the Damascus government forces lack of response and its goal, our agency met with Hussein al-Ali, the Member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Left Party.

At the beginning of his speech, Al-Ali said, "The aim of Turkey's continuing attacks on the areas of north and east Syria is that it has new and old ambitions in the region.”

Al-Ali pointed out that the Turkish occupation's ambitions lie in restoring the Ottoman era which was built on destruction and killing, and the occupation of the entire north and east of Syria and Aleppo, reaching Mosul and Kirkuk, to pass the Millî Charter a hundred years after the Treaty of Lausanne signed in 1923.

Hussein Al-Ali indicated that the crimes that have occurred since 2020 in the areas of Ain Issa, Tel Tamr and Zarkan, and the daily shelling in light of international and regional silence is due to the strategic location of these areas and falls within the pact that the Turkish occupation is trying to revive.

Al-Ali pointed out that the Turkish occupation through the Syrian mercenaries is working to sever the links between the cities of north and east Syria to thwart the Autonomous Administration project, which is a unique experience in Syria.

He added, "The agreement was concluded with the regime and the Russians, and their policy in the region was revealed when the Turkish occupation incited against this area, pressured the Syrian Democratic Forces and put them in front of two options, either handing the area over to the Syrian regime, or Turkey would occupy it, but both plans failed thanks to the massive resistance shown by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the peoples of the region.”

Al-Ali believes that the unity of the peoples of the region is capable of thwarting all Turkey's occupational efforts in north-east Syria, and said, “Enough occupations and crimes of killing and kidnapping of the people of the region. The Kurdish parties must complete the Kurdish unity by following up the Kurdish dialogue to reach a result that serves society.”

Al-Ali noted that the international community must fulfill its humanitarian duty towards the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation, whether in north-east Syria, or Libya, Armenia, North Africa and Southern Kurdistan, and its continued attacks on the areas of north-east Syria, and to put an end to it and its mercenaries who commit massacres against these peoples.

Hussein Al-Ali said at the end of his speech, "Russia and America, as guarantors of the region, must not allow the Turkish occupation to attack the region because the components of the region expect from them to take necessary measures and put an end to Turkey.”



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