Politician: Northeast Syria people has no trust in Russia, Damascus government

Muslim Sheikh Hassan, member of the political committee of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria-Al-Wahda, stressed the need for the "Syrian regime" and Russia not to stand silent in the face of Turkish attacks on the region.

The Turkish occupation state intensified its heavy weapon attacks, weeks ago, on the Ain Issa district and its pro-mercenaries' attempted to advance on the ground, but the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) responded in the context of the legitimate right to self-defense.

Sheikh Hassan, a member of the political committee of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria, said: “After Turkey occupied many areas of NE Syria, it will not hesitate to occupy more of them, at any opportunity that arises, despite the agreements it concluded with Russia and the United States of America.”

Sheikh Hassan explained that Russia and the Syrian regime must abide by the agreements concluded with Turkey and not keep silent about the attacks on Ain Issa and its villages, and put an end to them.

Turkish moves in the region indicate Turkish intentions to occupy new areas of northeast Syria, despite the international agreements with America and Russia to stop combat operations in the region.

Turkey and Russia had reached an agreement on October 22, 2019, which stipulated in its most prominent terms the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces to depth 30 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border, provided that the Syrian army's border guards would replace them, and a ceasefire, in addition to  conducting joint Turkish-Russian patrols at a depth of no more than 10 km inside Syrian territory.

However, the intense Turkish attacks in recent weeks on the Ain Issa district confirm Turkey's lack of commitment to the concluded agreements and its endeavors to occupy new lands and strike the stability of the region.

The Kurdish politician Muslim Sheikh Hassan affirmed, in the context of his speech, that "the Syrian regime, which claims legitimacy, must not remain silent about the Turkish attacks, and he believes that the latter sees in the political vacuum that followed the American elections an opportunity to occupy Ain Issa district."

The fact that the Syrian regime remains silent about these attacks means that it accepts the occupation of Syrian lands," he added.

From Sheikh Hassan's point of view, "the Syrian regime aims to conclude an agreement with Turkey after demolishing the Autonomous Administration and extending its control over the region, and this may be a point in the Russian-Turkish agreement, as the Damascus government sees its interest in demolishing the Autonomous Administration and the democratic nation project, because it sees it as a threat to its regime."  And believes that by doing so, it will be able to extend its control over the region and restore the old authority. "

The Kurdish politician pointed out that "the Damascus government does not see mercenaries as a danger, because it sees that they are just a card in Turkey's hand that it uses wherever it wants." "They have no project or goal that they seek except for looting and killing, and they will not be able to build or manage the future of Syria because they are an elite of thieves. "

Muslim Sheikh Hassan, a member of the political committee of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria, said at the end of his speech that "the people of northeast Syria no longer trust Russia after it took over Afrin to Turkey, as it is following its interests, and he does not trust the Damascus government as well, as it did at the time of implementing the Arab belt."  In the region, and the demography of Rojava has changed, by emptying the Kurdish regions of their population and settling families of the Arab component there, the Damascus government wants to repeat the same process.



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