Politician: We must rely on Ocalan's thought to solve Syrian crisis

The administrative member in the Future Syria Party Rustam Bakr said with depending on the thought of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, the fraternity of peoples achieved in north and east Syria, assuring that to resolve the Syrian crisis, it was a must to rely on his thought too. 

On May 22, the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan met with his lawyers, and during a press conference, Ocalan's lawyers read his massage on May 26. During the massage, Ocalan confirmed that he had propositions to find a solution to the Syrian crisis witnessing in the country since 8 years.

In this context, Hawar news agency interviewed the administrator in the Future Syria Party in ed-Dirbasiyya district, Rustam Bakr, who stressed that resolving the Syrian crisis required depending on Ocalan's thought and philosophy.

Rustam Bakr made clear that the Syrian crisis entered its ninth year and still ongoing. Each party was working for serving its own interests whether the regional or the international, and nobody thought about resolving this crisis. He added, "So as political parties in Syria, we strive to find a solution for the Syrian crisis as we are a part in this country; thus, we adhered to Ocalan's project as a way to resolve the crisis, and indeed, the democratic nation project achieved a success to unify the people in addition to achieving military, political and social victories in north and east Syria."

Rustam also said, "Ocalan's massage was clear that he would be a basis for the Syrian crisis solution, and he always said we must rely on the third line, and the third line did not serve the interests of the dominating countries, but in the end, they realized that the third line was the best solution." 

Bakr explained that the victories achieved in north and east Syria were the result of the cohesion of all components within the thought of the democratic nation derived from Ocalan's thought. He continued, "Because we depended on his democratic thought, we achieved the project of the fraternity of peoples, and we will resolve the Syrian crisis if we rely on his thought again."

In the conclusion, the administrative member in the Future Syria Party in ed-Dirbassiya district, Rustam Bakr said, "We must find a solution for the Syrian crisis because its solution is a solution for all the crises in the Middle East generally."


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