Politicians: aim of recruiting agents is to empty Autonomous Administration of its essence

The politicians of Ad-Darbasiyah district explained that the goal of recruiting agents is to create fraternal fighting between Arabs and Kurds, undermining the stability of the region, and emptying the Autonomous Administration of its essence, warning the people of the region of being drawn behind subversive schemes and the need for awareness through training courses.

Recently, both the Turkish occupation and parties in the Syrian government have pursued a new special war policy against the regions of northern and eastern Syria, represented by recruiting and planting agents and spies from the people of the region in exchange for money.

This was evident in Deir Ezzor regions through the assassination of Arab tribal leaders, and in the city of Kobani, through the recruitment of their children to work against the institutions of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The politician, Muslim Abbas, explained that with the failure of the Turkish occupation's plans-based on terrorist factions -against the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, they resorted to a new type of war, namely, special warfare by planting and recruiting agents and spies in northern and eastern Syria.

Abbas indicated that Turkey’s goal of planting agents and spreading discord and unrest among the people of the region is to end the security and stability of the region. “The closest example of this is what happened in the city of Ad-Darbasiyah a few days ago and spreading rumors that the Turkish occupation state will launch a military campaign in the region, through their recruited clients in the area. "

Abbas noted that what the Syrian government is doing in Deir Ezzor and the rest of the Arab-majority regions aims to thwart the democratic situation that prevails in the region and empty the Autonomous Administration of its essence.

Abbas pointed out that recruiting agents is one of the special methods of warfare aimed at enslaving people and imposing their will on them at the lowest costs.

In the conclusion of his speech, Muslim Abbas stated that, in order to avoid recruiting agents in the region, "bridges of trust must be built between the people and their military and administrative forces, and to educate the people through training courses."

For his part, the politician Sheikh Dawud Badro explained that with the outbreak of the revolution in northern and eastern Syria and all components of the region wrapped around it, the colonial countries felt the danger of their nationalist policies, such as Turkey, Syria and Iran. So it following different methods to rescue its policies by setting new plans and recruiting agents and spies after failing to implement its objectives militarily.

Sheikh Dawood Badro stated that targeting national figures and the leaders of Arab and Kurdish tribes aims to ignite the fire of sedition, and fraternal fighting between the components of the region, including Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs, who live with each other a common equal life, and to eliminate the goals and gains of the Rojava revolution.

He added, "The plans of the Turkish occupation and the Syrian government backed by Russia were quickly revealed by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which arrested dozens of agents and who confessed to what they had done."

At the end of his speech, Badro warned the people of the region not to be dragged behind the sabotage plans and said: "The enemies cannot achieve any goal except through the people of the region."



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