​​​​​​​Politicians and Intellectuals from the Middle East: PKK is a revolutionary party, it must be removed from terrorist lists

An elite of Arab politicians, intellectuals and writers affirmed that the PKK is one of the real global revolutionary movements. They stressed the need to remove the PKK from terrorist lists, and stressed that Arab intellectuals should unite and that the issue of removing the party from terrorist lists should be on their main agenda.

 Today, the Academy of Politics and Democratic Thought and the Regional Integration Forum organized a dialogue forum to discuss ways and means available to remove the name of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) from terrorist lists, with the participation of a number of local, regional and international political and academic figures.

 And the participants in the dialogue forum, which was organized under the title “Isn’t it time to remove the PKK from the lists of terrorism” through the Zoom application are Sherif Shaheen, the former Egyptian ambassador to Iraq, Ragai Fayed, head of the Cairo Center for Kurdish Studies and Research, and Vice President of the Arab Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Dr. Mukhtar  Ghobashi, Jordanian writer and journalist Raddad Elias, Palestinian writer and journalist Thaer Nofal Abu Atiwi, Lebanese writer and journalist Hamo Moscovian, head of the Democratic Modernity Party Firas Qassas, director of the Kurds Without Borders Kadar Ber, and Hikmat Habib, co-chair of the Legislative Council in the Jazira region, member of the Presidency  Joint Democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim.

 Putting the PKK on terrorist lists is a historical danger

 The activist, Bushra Ali, moderated the discussion forum. During the forum, Saleh Muslim indicated that the PKK took up arms in order to defend the Kurdish people, and the first to call terrorism on the PKK was the secret organization within NATO called the Gladio, and the status of the PKK  Kurdistan on terrorist lists is a history danger.

 As for Rajai Fidai, he explained that the PKK is against global colonialism and imperialism, and its inclusion in the lists of terrorism is a purely political issue. He noted that Turkey practices chauvinism against all components of Turkey.  He noted that all Turkish organizations that come to power agree in their hostility against the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and anyone who opposes this regime that erodes the rights of Turkish components.  He said: "All Turkish governments differ among themselves in some things, but they agree on the chauvinistic hostility of the PKK."

 He stressed the need to remove the PKK from terrorist lists, and Arab intellectuals should join hands and that the issue of removing the party from terrorist lists should be on their main agenda.

 In turn, Hikmat Habib made it clear that the PKK is one of the real global revolutionary movements, and it seeks to democratize the Middle East, and the inclusion of the PKK within the terrorist lists came in accordance with international interests, and those countries did not care about society and the Kurdish issue.

 Raddad Elias Qalab explained that the European countries that included the PKK among the terrorist lists, put it not because it is a terrorist party or committed massacres against civilians or brought fighters from abroad, but put it according to the trade balance between them and Turkey.

 He stressed that the PKK is one of the pillars of the Kurdish parties, and the rest of the Kurdish parties should support the PKK.  The Arabs and the Kurds must stand united in the next stage, and he said: "The regimes have created a rift between the Arab and Kurdish peoples, and work must be done at the current stage to consolidate Kurdish-Arab relations."

 Mukhtar Ghobashi explained that describing the PKK as terrorism is a political and not legal description, and said: "Describing any movement that struggles for the rights of a people as terrorism is certainly a political and illegal description."  He stressed that the name of the PKK should be removed from the terrorist lists because it is a national liberation party that aims to obtain the rights of an entire people.

 Ghobashi noted that there is evidence and evidence that must be worked on in order to remove the party from the international terrorist lists, on top of which is the emergence of the truth of the accusation leveled against the party.



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