Politicians: buffer zone under Turkish supervision will be terrorist zone

Politicians of Future Syria Party –al-Shahba Branch said that the buffer zone that will be under Turkish supervision would be a zone for terrorist operations.

The Syrian arena is witnessing changes in the military map and new agreements such as the Russian attacks and the regime on northwestern Syria and the buffer zone that Turkey is trying to establish in northern Syria.

To comment on what is going on in Idlib and the implications of the buffer zone, our agency has conducted an interview with politicians of the Future Syria Party – al-Shahba branch in a-Shahba canton.

The member of the organization's Office in the Future Syria Party, Ali Fadil Salama, began commenting on the international meetings held on resolving the Syrian crisis, including the swap of countries on Idlib. He said: "Barter began on Idlib from Astana 1 to Astana 12, the differences between them on the Syrian arena to highlight the protection of their interests, "adding that from there the deal between Russia and Turkey began which was the deal S-400.

Salama said that after the meeting of Astana, "the Syrian regime began its attack on the city of Idlib, and took control of several villages, as there were villages were handed over under the scheme of Russian and Turkish, and then the force balance changed in the attack on villages in the countryside of Aleppo North, through clashes and counter-attacks of the forces of the regime and other factions, it is clear that there is a dispute between the guarantors, which reflected on the course of events.

Gathering mercenaries and export them to other countries

According to Salama, the Turkish occupation threatens to put together the mercenaries they have gathered in northwest Syria to send them to other countries, such as Libya and other European countries, to carry out its brotherhood projects.

And assessed the safety of the Russian and Turkish conflict in the region, and said: "Russia and Turkey are essential players between the conflicting forces on the Syrian arena, what is happening at the table of dialogue be on their mood to impose solutions according to their interests, so their conflict affects the course of the crisis.

Safe area .. will be safe for Turkish mercenaries

As for Turkey's attempts to establish a safe area in the north of the country, Ali Fadil Salama said that the safe area sought by the Turkish occupation "can be called security area and will be safe for Turkish mercenaries to protect the Turkish terrorist movements."

At the conclusion of his speech, Ali Fadel Salama stressed that the existence of the three deals "cannot find a solution to the crisis, and cannot end the crisis only through Syrian-Syrian dialogue protects the national interests of the Syrian people."

Erdogan is lost between Russia and America

In her turn, the deputy head of the Women's Bureau of the Future Syria Party, Esraa Ibrahim, evaluated the events in Idlib. "Idlib has recently witnessed a military escalation and military reinforcements for both sides. On the other hand to pressure the mercenaries, while Turkey continues to support terrorist groups of sophisticated weapons and anti-aircraft, which led to the emergence of a dispute between Russia and Turkey in the region.

Esraa said that Turkish President Erdogan "pretends and tries to convince the world that he is fighting terrorism," asking "who funds and trains the mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries ?!"

As for the arms deals between Russia and Turkey, Turkey and America, Esraa said that this "caused a differences between countries and pressure on Turkey to determine any weapon that will buy, Erdogan is lost between the Russian and American allies, does not want to lose its interests with both parties."

As for Turkey's plans in Syria, Esraa noted that the Turkish occupation is striving to prolong the life of the crisis, "through the construction of the partition wall in Afrin and the financing of mercenaries in Idlib, to ensure  and protect its interests in Syria ."

"The safe area will be safe away from Turkey and without any Turkish interventions in the region, and if it became under the Turkish supervision it would be an area to support terrorists and prolong the war in Syria," she said.



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