Politicians: Gaziantep’s Council legalizes Turkish occupation’s massacres

A number of politicians in Zirkan district described the Gaziantep Council as traitors’, calling the members of the Kurdish Patriotic Council comprised under the National Coalition to return to the ranks of the Syrian people who sacrificed for the release from despotic regimes.


Hawar news agency interviewed with some of Kurdish Leftist Party’s members in Zirkan district about the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the council established by the Turkish occupation state in cooperation with the Kurdish Patriotic Council(KPC).

All world states have conspired against north Syria peoples

Abdul Rahman Ma’mi, an administrator in the Kurdish Leftist Party noted that the Turkish occupation to Afrin in another international conspiracy against the Kurdish people and north Syria people, as Russia and the Turkish occupant state have agreed on Afrin for al-Gouta, saying “we are perceiving today that the Turkish state is settling many mercenaries who were taken out of al-Gouta in Afrin seeking to change the demographics of Afrin.”

Ma’mi noted “People Protection Units, Women Protection Units and Syrian Democratic Forces did not surrender, they are till now conducting commando operations against the Turkish occupation and its gangs.”

Ma’min also said “agreements and conspiracies against the Syrian people are still ongoing, as the Turkish state is still plotting with Russia and the Syrian regime to seize Idlib for al-Shahba liberated areas.

Ma’mi concluded “Members of the Kurdish Patriotic Council comprised under the coalition to reconsider themselves and return to the Syrian people’s ranks, and withdraw from the council established on blood of the Syrian people that legalizes Turkish occupation.”

KPC has adopted a wrong approach since the revolution’s beginning

The Kurdish Leftist Party’s member Fuad al-Ali also noted that the Turkish occupation not only targets the Kurdish people and a particular party, but it precisely aims to thwart the project embraced by the Syrian people as basis for solving all crises embodied in the democratic federalism.”

Al-Ali pointed out “the Kurdish Patriotic Council has, since the beginning of the Rojava revolution, adopted a wrong approach presenting itself as enemy of the Syrian people and taking wrong decisions, some of its members have conspired with the Turkish state that wishes to resurrect Ottomans’ glories to the region.”  

Al-Ali noted at the end of his speech “KNC members who conspired with the Turkish occupation state and contributed to founding traitors’ councils must reconsider themselves and withdraw from this council that legalizes massacres committed by the Turkish occupation army against civilians.”



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