Politicians: Interests of countries involved in Syrian war lie in instability

Kurdish politicians praised the initiatives of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) regarding the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to reach a formula for resolving the worsening Syrian crisis, in light of the failure of international efforts to reach a clear road map.

As the Syrian crisis continues to deteriorate amidst the apparent procrastination of the parties involved in resolving the crisis and the failure of all meetings and conferences outside Syria, the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is becoming increasingly important as the only solution to get Syria to safety shore.

Hawar news agency interviewed a number of politicians and leaders in Kurdish parties in northern Syria to talk about the importance of the Syrian dialogue and the initiatives of the Syrian Democratic Council.

Given the failure of the countries concerned to resolve the crisis, the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is important

A member of the Central Committee of the Progressive Democratic Kurdish Party in Syria Idris Jijan praised the initiative of the Syrian Democratic Council and its auspices of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue forums at this critical stage, especially that the countries concerned with the Syrian issue "procrastinate in resolving the Syrian crisis, and in light of the failure of international conferences held outside Syria."

"For a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, we in the Progressive Democratic Kurdish Party in Syria, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, we look forward to such a meeting to produce meaningful results for the Syrian people after eight years of war."

 Idris Jijan added, "We hope that this dialogue is the way to solve the Syrian problem after the failure of the countries that have the power to resolve the Syrian crisis, and we confirm that we are ready to enter into a dialogue in which all the spectra of the Syrian people will participate after all this destruction in the years of war. "

Interests of countries that have a hand in Syrian war are not in achieving stability in Syria

"The crisis cannot be solved and the long war put to an end through meetings in Astana and other countries. It is not in the interest of the regional and foreign countries that had a hand in that war to settle the region and security and stability prevail." Jijan said.

The administration of Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (Yekiti) center in Girkê Legê Tikhtor Yacoub believes that the political solution is the only way to build a pluralistic Syria that will have a role in solving the Syrian crisis.

Yacoub addressed the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which was held under MSD auspices in the city of Kobani at the end of March this year. "Those who participated in the forum from Arab and Syrian responses in the north of Syria are convinced that the solution of the Syrian crisis will be only Syrian, so that we can reach a formula to negotiate even with the Syrian regime in order to resolve the Syrian crisis."

"The Syrian-Syrian dialogue stressed the necessity of resolving the Syrian crisis in accordance with UN resolution 2245." One of the proposals that was put forward was that Syria be a unified, decentralized, and pluralistic state, in addition to discussing the conditions of the occupied territories of Syria: Afrin, Iskenderun even Golan was discussed."

Home opposition truly represents Syrians

Yacoub also stressed that, "hand in hand with all the parties, components and institutions in Syria towards any meeting held on the Syrian land, and with any vision that leads the Syrian people to get rid of the crisis, we support the efforts of the Syrian dialogue and prefer it to meetings and conferences abroad, which are in line with the interests of the countries that caused the long crisis of Syria, and we will back home opposition because it definitely aimed at ending the Syrian crisis, because the participants are representatives of the Syrian people who havebeen suffering for eight years from the scourge of war."



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