​​​​​​​Politicians: Janders massacre is evidence of hatred towards the Kurds

 Politicians explained that the Janders massacre is evidence of the hatred and hatred of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries towards the Kurds.

 On the eve of Newroz, March 20, the mercenaries of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, affiliated with the Turkish occupation state, committed a heinous massacre in the center of Janders district in occupied Afrin, as a result of which 4 people from one family were killed, and 3 others were injured, because they ignited the flame of Newroz, which was widely condemned.

 International institutions are partners of criminals


 In this regard, the Secretary of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan - Syria, Jiwan Siko, denounced the massacre and said: "It is not the first, since 5 years ago the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries committed the most heinous crimes in occupied Afrin, which are considered war crimes; from changing the demography of the region, killing and kidnapping the people,  and the looting and looting of their property and the antiquities of the region, and all of this is done within the framework of genocide and erasing the history of the Kurds in the region.”

"We, the political parties and the peoples of the region, will remain the voice of our people in the occupied Janders and Afrin," he stressed.

 Noting that the United Nations and international and human rights institutions have turned a blind eye to the occupation's crimes and remained silent, "and this is an indication that they are partners" in that.

 However, he called on these institutions to assume their responsibilities, end the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands, secure a safe return for the people of Afrin to their land, and solve the Kurdish issue.

 Escalating the struggle to end the occupation


 For his part, the Secretary-General of the Kurdish Leftist Party in Syria, Muhammad Musa, confirmed that this massacre "was committed to extinguish the flame of Newroz that these martyrs lit, and this is evidence of the hatred that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries bear towards the Kurds."

 He pointed out that "those who are trying to limit the massacre as having been committed by a group of people, we say this is false and disgraceful and a falsification of the truth that has been taking place in Afrin for 5 years of crimes and massacres, changing the identity of Afrin and exterminating those in it."

 Moussa stressed at the end of his speech, "It is upon us - we politicians - to stand up to these massacres by escalating the struggle and thwarting the plans of the enemies. It is also the responsibility of international institutions to carry out their duties, and let the occupier and his aides know that we will offer the precious and precious things to liberate our regions and build a pluralistic, democratic Syria."



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