Politicians, Jurists: Turkey seeks to colonize Middle East, the solution in adopting Democratic nation's approach

​​​​​​​Politicians and jurists explained that the Turkish state aims to colonize several countries in the Middle East and to obliterate the identity and extermination of the peoples of the region, and pointed out that the only solution to deter Turkey is to follow the path of the democratic nation.

The Turkish occupation state continues to interfere and expand its colonialism in the countries of the Middle East and to tear and dismantle its people, and it also plans to launch new occupation attacks in northern and eastern Syria, under false pretexts and arguments, which raised the resentment of citizens, politicians, intellectuals and all sects.

The politician, Ghassan al-Abdullah, referred to the policies and plans of the Turkish state in Syria and the Middle East, and said: "I would like to acknowledge something, which is the knowledge of the reality of the Turkish state and its history. The Turkish state has never been a country of peace and democracy, and its history attests to it being a state of war, looting, killing and looting," Like any other colonial country. "

Turkey behaves in the Middle East as if it were its own

Ghassan al-Abdullah explained that the colonial states in general and Turkey in particular follow dirty methods in contemporary times that differs from their previous methods, which is the method of bartering, and he said: “It behaves as if the countries and peoples of the Middle East are part of  their properties, regardless of the freedom of these peoples, and the earliest example What we saw in northern Iraq and what you are doing now there, and in Syria, where Afrin was bartered, and Ghouta relinquished, and Jabal Zawyah in Ain Issa, all of which are trade-offs between colonial forces at the expense of the people.

And Abdullah added that Turkey's method of bartering began with clarity and the people are aware of this matter, and said: "But there is a part of our people that is still showing off in the Turkish state as if it were a state of peace, goodness and love, without returning to its history or thinking about the goals of this country that takes the Syrians and plunges them into its battles." In Idlib, Libya and Yemen. " He stressed the need for the people of the region to predict these colonial policies.

The will of the people is the most powerful weapon to confront the occupation

And Abdullah said: "The Turkish state emerged with a new cloak and a new colonial pattern that differs from the previous, so it is the responsibility of the people at this stage of" awareness and prediction. "The former Ottoman state or what is called the Turkish state today ruled our country and colonized it for 400 years, and in the end it was defeated in front of steadfastness and the will of the people, because the will is stronger than colonial attacks. "

And Abdullah continued: "The sensitive point now is the most important is that Turkey claims to fight the Kurds and the truth is not like this, and the target is not the Kurdish people because it is part of this region, and like any other people in the region, the goals of the Turkish state are beyond this issue. Libya has no response Yemen, as well as Egypt, does not have a Kurd either. It takes the Kurdish people as an excuse to achieve their colonial goals in the region. "

Turkey aims to rip the peoples of the region

And Abdullah indicated that Turkey draws conspiracy lines around the countries of the Middle East, stressing that its goal is to plunder, enslave and colonize these peoples, plunder its goods and obliterate its ethnic identity. He continued: "There is a conspiracy being hatched against Egypt and there may be hidden plots against the Gulf states or other countries, because Turkey's goals are colonial goals and the ripping and dismantling of peoples."

Ghassan al-Abdullah pointed out that the only solution to confront the colonial powers and the Turkish state is to follow the path and thought of the democratic nation, and consolidate peoples' fraternity.

Ghassan al-Abdullah stressed the necessity of escalating the resistance in front of the conspiracies, and said: "Only we have the option of resistance in front of this colonizer. Whatever his strength, he will not be able to undermine the will of the resistance peoples. If we compare the American power militarily or Vietnam, there is no comparison between two countries, so the area of Vietnam does not constitute A small part of an American state, but with strong will and a real will to resist America, we also have no choice but to resist and engage in approaches to free resistance for a free and dignified life. "

Jurist Walid Salmo explained that the Turkish presence in northern Iraq in Dohuk region is not new, and showed that Turkey uses all types of weapons and even the international taboo to fight the sons of Başûr in Kurdistan north and east Syria.

Salmo stressed that Turkey creates flimsy arguments while launching its attacks on a region, under the pretext of fighting the Kurds launching attacks on the areas of Başûr of Kurdistan and northern and eastern Syria, and he said: "Turkey follows a policy of extermination and destruction against the components of the region."

Salmo referred to the agreements concluded by Turkey with Russia and Iran, and said: "According to our analysis and political vision, the deals that were made in recent periods are the handing over of Jabal al-Zawiya or Idlib to the Syrian regime forces or Iranian militias. In return, Turkey invades some areas in north and east Syria, such as Ain Issa."



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