Politicians: Syrian crisis must be solved politically

Tow politicians from Serêkaniyê have demanded to resort to political solution away from the military solution, demanding on all parties to the Syrian-Syrian to hold dialogue without preconditions.

Our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) interviewed with tow politicians the member of Future Syria Party's founder Youssef Slama and journalist and political activist Orhan Kamal, where they stressed that the political solution is the way out to the crisis in Syria.

Youssef Salama said that while the terrorist groups were breathing their last breath in Syria, "it must be emphasized that the solution in Syria must be through political means, because in the military solution there will be no victorious party, but the loser will be the Syrian homeland."

Salama added that the solution must be Syrian-Syrian without any external influences. "Because we are the only ones who know what our needs and problems are. We know their solutions, so there is no solution but to sit at one table without preconditions from any party and overcome all differences to establish a future Syria. Which brings together all its components and within its national borders. "

During his speech said "we cannot go back to the situation that Syria had before the crisis, which caused a lot of changes, and here Syria must be the future, federal decentralization."

Salama noted that the first step in the settlement process was to draft a new constitution "not to renew the constitution" and added. "This must be done away from external interference and in order to guarantee the rights of all components, we must work together to restore the lands occupied by Turkey."

He appealed to the countries that have the decision to put pressure on the Turkish state to get out of the territories it occupied in Syria, whether Afrin, Jarablous and Idlib.

For his part, journalist and political activist Orhan Kamal said that the intervention of countries in Syria increased the crisis more. He added: "We must remove the occupied countries from Syria, such as Turkey, and then move to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue table."

Kamal stressed in his speech that differences must be set aside "and think about the rights of the Kurdish people in Syria, and the liberation of Afrin must be a priority."



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