Politicians: The stage is sensitive, requires solidarity and unity of ranks

Politicians in al-Shahba canton called on Kurdish political parties to join hands and work in order to achieve national unity, stressing that the stage the Kurdish people are going through is sensitive, and requires the unity of all parties to block the way to foreign ambitions.

Efforts to achieve Kurdish unity continue after a series of meetings and understandings between the Kurdish parties, against the backdrop of an initiative previously launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, to unify the Kurdish forces.

Regarding the need to unify the Kurdish ranks, the former co-chair of the Legislative Council in Afrin canton and a member of the Senate in al-Shahba canton, Muhammad Saeed, said: “Political parties and the Kurdish people in general must unite in this sensitive stage, and use the time to unify the Kurdish house because authoritarian forces threaten the existence of The Kurds on the ground. "

Saeed added that the arrival of the Kurdish people to this stage did not happen on its own, "but rather thousands of people from the region died in the four parts of Kurdistan, despite all the attempts aimed at erasing the Kurdish presence."

Saeed pointed out that the enemies of the Kurdish people always seek to thwart the talks and meetings between the Kurdish political parties to prevent them from reaching a single opinion, and thus eliminate the Kurds more easily.

Political Khadija Ibo said: The efforts made by the Kurdish parties in northern and eastern Syria to achieve national unity were a good step to achieve Kurdish unity, "but besides that, we see that there are other agendas that seek to thwart this initiative and it pointed out in this regard to what so-called " Front for Peace and Freedom.

Regarding the formation of the Peace and Freedom Front, which includes the Kurdish National Council and some other parties, Khadija Ibo said: “The formation of this front at this time aims to distance the Kurds from each other and not achieve Kurdish unity, and it is planned in an attempt to prevent the Kurds from achieving their goals and uniting Their forces are against the occupation, and I believe that forming this front will not achieve its goals. "

Khadija Ibo appealed to the Kurdish political parties to unify their ranks and said: "I appeal to the Kurdish political parties and personalities to stay away from the tricks that had been planned by other regimes, and to unify their ranks."

Khadija Ibo concluded by saying: The stage “requires us, the Kurdish people, to unite our ranks, as the Turkish occupation launches various attacks in all of Kurdistan, and aims to exterminate the Kurdish people from their roots, and our steadfastness in front of these plans can only be achieved by unity.”



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