Politicians: Turkey should not have role in buffer zone

Politicians stressed that the establishment of any buffer zone must not include hostile party, so Turkey should not have any role in the buffer zone in northern Syria, because it is a party hostile to the peoples of the region with all its components.

 The regional countries issue statements occasionally over establishing a buffer zone in Syria, Turkey in turn rush to issue statements demanding to has a role in this zone.

Politicians and officials in north and east of Syria see any role to the Turkish state in the buffer zone would be an extent for the Turkish occupation and consider the Turkish occupation as a danger and it is the one which supported all the terrorist organizations which launched attacks on their stability and security.

The administrative in PYD, Faseh Husienn sees that Turkey is more dangerous than Daesh mercenaries for them and for the people of the region who build a democratic society and united against the mercenaries of Daesh and offered sacrifices and thousands of martyrs in this regard.

He pointed out that the people of the region fear of Turkey and confirmed the importance of establishing a buffer zone to put an end and limit the Turkish threats against the people of the region.     

The administrative in the Syriac Union Party, George Yousef sees that the buffer zone must be under the international coverage and to be of 5 Km to protect the security of the peoples of the region and to be run by the people of Syria and Turkey must not have a role in this buffer zone because Turkey is an enemy for all components of Syria.

The co-chair of Abu Fera town of Tirbespiyê district Mohanned al-Habib pointed out that the components of the region of the Kurds and the Syriac people united against the mercenaries backed by Turkey and called on the Global Coalition to support SDF and the Autonomous Administration of north and East of Syria and said that our region is safe region.



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