Politicians: Turkish attacks on Başûr are violation against Iraqi's sovereignty

The politicians of the Iraqi Government, held the KRG the responsibility for the Turkish occupation attacks on Başûr which is part of Iraq state. 

Since 2 months, the Turkish occupation has launched violence attacks on the populated areas of South Kurdustan.

So far, the Turkish occuaption has commited many massacres against the unarmed civilians, the last of which was Kurtek Massacre in which 3 civilians lost their lives in addition to wounding 4 others.

Till now, the KRG and the Iraqi government did not act over these crimes and they are still silent.

The Arab League Silence is the reason of the ongoing Turkish intervention in the Arab affairs

The member of the Organizational Bureau of the Future Syria Party, Malek al-Esmer attributed the Turkish occupation attacks on the Iraqi lands to the silence of the Arab League and said that the Arab League condemns and shows its concerns like the UN, and it has no strict attitude and position over these attacks, he said that if the Arab League had serious position in this regard, it would have rejected the Turkish interventions in Syria and Iraq and many countries in the Arab world.    

The silence of the Iraqi Government and KRG affects the international community

In his turn, the co-chair of Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed said that the Turkish occupation on Başûr are violence attacks, Turkey is an enemy for the Kurdish people and it attacks the Kurds everywhere militarily and politically.

He called on the Iraqi government and KRG to break their silence, because this silence affect the international community and its decisions, because these attacks target all the parties and they are against all the Kurdish people. 



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