Pompeo and Armenia and Azerbaijan FMs to meet in Washington

US government documents revealed that a meeting between the Armenian Foreign Minister and his Azerbaijani counterpart will take place in Washington to discuss the tense situation in Karabakh.

The foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan are expected to meet separately with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington on Friday.

According to US government documents seen by the American newspaper Politico, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jihon Bayramov will first meet Pompeo on Friday morning, and after that he will meet his Armenian counterpart Zahrab Manatsakyanian shortly thereafter with the US Secretary of State.

The newspaper said it was not clear whether the ministers of the two warring countries would hold talks with each other or whether US officials would try to hold a tripartite session.

The visits indicate US efforts to calm the latest round of fighting around the disputed Karabakh region and will provide an opportunity for the Trump administration to demonstrate its attempt to lead the world before the start of the US elections.

The ceasefire brokered by Russia went into effect on Saturday after an earlier agreement agreed in Moscow a week ago failed to halt the fighting in Karabakh. However, the latest truce appears in danger.


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