Popular decry towards U.S. –Russia stances in NES

Syrians decried the position adopted by the so-called guarantor countries towards the cease fire in North and East Syria and the constant attacks by the Turkish occupation army saying the aim is to displace the NES people.

North and East Syria undergo attacks by the Turkish occupation forces and the affiliated mercenary groups on daily bases. Attacks target Shahba , Manbij, Kobane, Ain Issa, Tal Tamr and Zarghan more specifically. Other areas are targeted by drones as understandings reached by the so-called guarantor states run contrary to that.

Citizen from the Tal Tamr district of the Hasaka Canton and one of the frontlines with the Turkish occupation forces and that is object to constant attacks says: in reality, there are attacks on daily bases. Though U.S. and Russian troops are present as guarantor states these attacks do not stop. The Turkish occupation forces since occupied Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi carry out attacks on these areas''.

The absence of real stance of the guarantor states to cease fire towards the breaches in the region received popular decry from the people of the region in North and East Syria. They say that such forces are partners top the Turkish occupation forces in displacing the people of the region from their homes.   

From her part, Najwa Abbas from the district of Darbarssiye says: agreements of the Turkish occupation state with Russia and the United States of America are political ones that discharge into the benefits of those countries, it has no welfare for the people of North and East Syria.''

Last Wednesday, Turkish occupation drones struck two points in Kobane , one on the Aleppo –Kobane road and the other in the city center resulted in the martyrdom of citizen Akrem Ostek and caused material damages to properties.

Activist Qasem Shweikh from the Shadadi district in the south of the Hasaka Canon, says that attacks of the Turkish occupation forces on North and East Syria via the drones is a systematic terrorism in which the Turkish occupation state intends to commit massacres against the safe civilians and citizens who living on their lands. This goes in partnership with the international community that merely keeps watching''.    

Last Wednesday two citizens from the city of Manbij were injured in the Turkish occupation shelling on the densely populated village of On Dadat.

Shweikh added'' it is obvious that the Turkish occupation state seeks a demographic change to empty the region from its indigenous people and to build settlements under accommodating Syrian refugees and returning them to their homes''. 

At her fifties, Aziza Abdul Rahman from the city of Hasaka says the aim behind the attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation state is to displace the people of the region (Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs) and to empty the region from the indigenous people to be replaced by strangers and newcomers as it was the case in Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi to put an end to the peoples of the region''.

From her part, Najwa Abbas added the people of NES should not depend or expect anything from Russia or the U.S. forces as guarantor countries. On what should be done to the Turkish attacks Najwa said: '' we should be vigilant towards such policies''.



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