Precautionary measures and whole neighborhood under quarantine in Al-Hasakeh

Al-Hasakeh District Council and the city's Health Directorate took a number of precautionary measures and decisions after two cases of COVID-19 were recorded.

In a statement, the co-chair of the Health Authority in Northeast Syria, Dr. Jiwan Mustafa, confirmed recording two confirmed cases of the novel (COVED-19) in the region of Al Jazeera.

Mustafa said the infected were husband and wife from Al-Hasakeh.

In order to prevent the virus outbreak, Al-Hasakeh City Council and the Health Council have taken a number of health and precautionary measures, which were announced in a joint statement.

The statement was delivered by the co-chair of Al-Hasakeh Provincial Council Abdul Ghani Oso, the co-chair of the Health Directorate Romanda Issa and the member of the Health Follow-up Committee Derbas Ma'ami.

Procedures and decisions include:

The neighborhood of Al-Omran, where the two cases appeared, was under whole quarantine, and the city was under partial quarantine.

Alerting residents via speakers of the need not to leave homes, to take precautionary measures, and not to enter the security square of the Syrian government.

They also appealed to the parents not to allow their children to go out to the streets.



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