Preparations for Putin-Erdogan meeting ignite "demilitarized area"

The regime forces stepped up shelling of areas of the so-called demilitarized area, where the number of missiles during the past 36 hours reached more than 360 shells, in conjunction with the preparations for a meeting between Putin and Erdogan in Sochi today.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the rocket attacks carried out by the regime's forces within the region continued for the third day in a row.

The regime forces targeted more than 21 shell sites in Latamna town in the northern sector of the Hama countryside, and at least 20 other shells targeted the town of Khan Sheikun in the southern sector of the Idlib countryside.

The Syrian regime forces had stepped up their operations yesterday evening, where the Syrian Observatory monitored a rocket attack by the regime forces in areas of the villages and towns of al-Tah, Khan Sheikhoun Sikik and al-Tamana in the southern and south-eastern parts of the Idlib countryside. The regime also targeted areas in al-Hawash, al-Hwez, al-Hewija and Jesr Bet al-Ras in Sehel al-Ghab in the countryside of the north-west of Hama, and the bombing exceeded during the last 24 hours on the second day of escalation, 140 shells, bringing the number of missiles to about 360 during the last 36 hours since noon on Tuesday, February 12.

In a related context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the entry of a convoy of the Turkish occupation army into the Syrian territory, after midnight on Wednesday-Thursday, where about 20 military vehicles entered the point of the Turkish occupation in the region of Shermeghar in the northern countryside of Hama.



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