Preparing for opening of Aleppo-Hama International Route, obstacles to return of displaced Syrians were addressed

Turkey has conducted military patrols in Idlib based on its agreement with Russia in a move to prepare for the opening of the Aleppo -Hama International Route, while other newspapers touched upon the situation of Syrian refugees .


The Arab newspapers today touched upon the Turkish and Russian patrols in Idlib, in addition the situation of Syrian refugees.

Al-Hayat Newspaper: Russian and Turkish patrols in Idlib and its surroundings in implementation of the Sochi agreement

On the Syrian issue, the daily Al-Hayat dealt with the Turkish-Russian patrols in the area of ​​reducing the escalation in Idlib adding "After weeks of escalating truce violations in the area of ​​reducing the escalation in Idlib, Turkey began conducting military patrols in Idlib and said that Russia would start patrolling Idlib, to help in the cease-fire, Syrian sources revealed in the Syrian opposition that the patrols «come in implementation of the agreement Sochi signed between Russia and Turkey» last year, did not exclude «the use of Turkish and Russian march aircraft to prevent violations of the regime», while a leading source in the Syrian opposition said, « The opening of the two international routes between Aleppo and Hama and Latakia is to overcome the obstacles, especially the presence of extremist factions, "another source said that« preparation is actively underway to open the international route as soon as possible».

Asharq AL-awsat: High Commissioner for Refugees confirmed work with Damascus and Moscow to address obstacles to the return of displaced Syrians

For its part, Asharq AL-awsat addressed the situation of the Syrian refugees and quoted the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi "We will continue to work to remove the obstacles that prevent the return of refugees," he said. "We are strengthening our presence in Syria, and patience is required, because this path will be gradual, and we will seriously address the concerns of refugees outside Syria. "

General Michel Aoun, who called on UNHCR to keep pace with Lebanon in the process of facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their country and accelerating them, stressing the continuation of cooperation with the organization, and coordination with Lebanese departments concerned with the issue of return, pointing out the importance of providing assistance to displaced Syrians after returning to their land. Aoun stressed the cooperation of the competent Syrian authorities with the Lebanese authorities concerned with the organization of return, especially the Lebanese Public Security.



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