Pro-Iranian groups under attack in Deir Ezzor

Several violent explosions struck areas under the control of groups affiliated to Iran, most likely caused by the Israeli Air Force, near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that violent explosions rocked the areas of influence of Iranian forces and groups loyal to them, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, without information to date about the nature of the explosions, whether new air strikes targeted the Iranians, or other explosions.

On the 12th of this month, the Syrian Observatory monitored the entry of new military and logistical reinforcements belonging to the popular crowd towards the areas of influence of the Iranian forces in Albukamal in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The reinforcements include elements, mechanisms and logistical materials coming from Iraq.

In a related development, the Syrian Observatory confirmed that there is no truth to the Iranian forces in Albukamal region being exposed to any air strikes during the past 48 hours.

Moreover, unknown aircraft target Iranian sites in Syria, and media outlets suggest that these planes are Israeli.

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