Protest letter delivered to Russian headquarters in Euphrates region

The people of Kobani Canton, with the participation of the Executive Council of the Euphrates Region and civil society institutions, sent a protest letter to the Russian Army in Kobani Canton to denounce the repeated Turkish attacks on the region.

Against the background of the attacks on Ain Issa on an almost daily basis, and in addition to the Turkish occupation army's drone attacks on a house south of Kobani canton. Today, the people of Kobani canton, in coordination with the Autonomous Administration institutions and civil society institutions, headed towards the Russian military headquarters in the west Kobani canton to demand the Russian side to assume its responsibilities.

The participants carried pictures of the martyrs amid denounced the criminality of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Kobani, Ain Issa and the areas occupied by Turkey.

The delegation, headed by the co-chair of the Executive Council in the Euphrates region, Muhammad Shaheen, along with representatives of the Kongra Star and the Martyrs' Families Foundation, met with Russian military leaders.

After the delegation left, Shaheen, said, "We presented our demands through a closed envelope to deliver them to the Russian government. Our talks focused on the Turkish attacks, the Russian role as a guarantor to stop shooting".

"We criticized the Russian government for its silence regarding the repeated Turkish attacks on the region in full view of the Russian army," he added.

Shaheen also said, "The meeting was positive. They assured us that they are here for the stability of the region. They also confirmed that they will prevent similar events from recurring, and that they will work to meet popular demands and prevent these attacks on the region."



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