​​​​​​​Protesters trying to storm HQ of Lebanese government

The Lebanese capital is witnessing clashes between protesters and the security forces this evening, as protesters are trying to storm the government headquarters of al-Saray.

Media outlets reported about continuing clashes in the middle of Beirut between the police and protestors demanding the fall of the new government of Hassan Diab, as the protestors tried to enter the  government square of  al-Saray

They stated that protestors removed the thorny strap that separates the demonstration square and the government building, and started to throw stones on the guards of the government following the removal of the iron gate.

Security forces used hoses to prevent the protestors from entering the government square of al-Saray, while protestors threw the security forces with stones and fireworks.

Security forces demanded the peaceful protestors to leave Riad Al Sulih square for their safety, and stressed that their members experienced riots by some protestors, while intensive security enforcements of the army and security forces monitored in the vicinity of al-Saray government headquarter.

The Source: RT



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