Putin instructs Defense, Foreign Ministries to prepare an equal response to America's new winged missile launch

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Russian foreign and defense ministries to analyze the threat level following the US test of a new winged missile and take measures to prepare a similar response, the TASS news agency reported.

The new missile test conducted by the United States to withdraw from the Treaty on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces were episodes in a series of events planned in advance, according to the press office of the Kremlin on Friday.

Putin stressed during a session of the Russian Security Council that his country will ensure its security after the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the treaty to get rid of medium and short-range missiles.

"The reason for our development of the latest systems, which are truly unmatched in global systems of the latest weapons, was the unilateral US withdrawal from missile defense systems in 2003," Putin told members of the Russian Security Council.

In the same context, Putin stressed that Moscow is open to a constructive and equal dialogue with Washington to restore confidence and enhance global security.

Putin also said that Moscow would not drift into the high arms race despite US actions. "As you know, we never wanted, and we do not want and will not be dragged into the expensive arms race that is destroying our economy." 


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