Putin reaffirms his intention to continue purging Idlib, Erdogan threatens northeastern Syria again

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his threats to northern and eastern Syria during a joint press conference with Russian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Iranian Hassan Rohani in Ankara, while trying to turn a blind eye to the Idlib issue being attacked by Russia and the regime.

Erdogan said during the press conference that his country would take unilateral steps in northeast Syria if an agreement with the United States is not reached within two weeks. His threats come despite the implementation of the terms of the agreement between Turkey and the United States in coordination with the Syrian Democratic Forces on the border security mechanism, which entered into the implementation of joint patrols on the border for the second time in the past two weeks.

While Idlib is under attack by the Syrian regime, backed by Russian aviation, which has led to a massive displacement, Erdogan, who considers himself a guarantor, has evaded focusing on Idlib's situation, while returning to the project of demographic change in northern and eastern Syria by demanding by sending Syrian refugees to the area.

As for Idlib, Erdogan pointed out that the issues in the Syrian Idlib and the formation of the Special Constitutional Committee in Syria were the main subject of the leaders, and claimed that during the summit, the three countries made a number of important decisions that give hope for a political settlement in Syria.

On the other hand, Putin stressed during his speech at the closing press conference his commitment to support the regime forces and continue the battle of Idlib.

For his part, Iranian President Hassan Rohani regretted the lack of implementation of agreements on the Idlib region.

It is worth mentioning that this tripartite meeting is the fifth of the heads of state of the guarantors of the Astana meetings.


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