PYD: AKP's fabrications are clear, no solution to crisis without ending occupation

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party(PYD) said that AKP's fabrications are no longer hidden to anyone, noting that the Turkish fascist regime is exploiting the Syrian crisis in favor of its interests and distorting the facts, rejecting statements by one of the Justice and Development leader that they liberated Afrin and returned the Syrians to it.

 (PYD) issued a statement to the public opinion, in which it confirmed its rejection of the statements of the AKP candidate for the local elections in Istanbul, Ben Ali Yildirim, in which he claimed that "they liberated Afrin and expelled terrorism from it and returned some 500 thousand Syrians to Afrin, and that they will liberate the eastern Euphrates to be able to return four million Syrians who are in Turkey. "

The text of the statement:

"Once again, the Turkish fascist regime of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) exploits the Syrian crisis and this time by one of its leaders called Ben Ali Yıldırım a candidate of the local elections in Istanbul, which re-election after not accept the first result leading to the loss of the candidate of the Justice and Development Party, and according to him  (they would liberate the eastern Euphrates to enable the return of four million Syrians who are in Turkey).

We, PYD, at the same time reject and condemn the statements made by Ben Ali Yıldırım. We assure the peoples of Turkey first and the peoples of Syria and its various components that the AKP's fabrications are no longer hidden to anyone. Their fabrication are obvious and do not mislead anyone. And the fact of the matter is that the Turkish fascist regime, through its occupying army and its mercenaries, occupied Afrin after a 58-day great resistance - and still continues - and caused the migration of Afrin's indigenous inhabitants and made Afrin after its occupation a hotbed of mercenaries and terrorists.

The truth is that the regime of Turkey commits crime against other people and against Afrin, humans, trees and stone, and the unjustified international silence helped the Turkish occupation and encouraged the occupation to commit crimes of demographic change, killing of identity, confiscation of the property of the people and the burning of their sources of livelihood, in addition to the construction of the partition wall in Afrin.

AKP falsifies the facts and claims that the stable situation in the areas of the Autonomous Administration is threatening Turkey's national security and the need to wage war on it, to export Turkey's suffocating crises. Ankara's immoral approach in exporting its crises abroad became clear and obvious.

We also emphasize that the liberation of Afrin and the return of the people of Afrin will not be long, and that the end of the Turkish occupation of all areas of Syria has become an obvious issue. It is impossible to talk about the Syrian solution without ending the Turkish occupation and ending terrorism, basically they are two sides of one coin.

We also pay tribute to our Syrian people at this moment in Turkey not to give the opportunity to the Justice and Development Party to become fuel of sedition by the Turkish fascist regime. In this context, we remind our Syrian people in the refugee camps of a previous call for the Autonomous Administration and its request for the support from the United Nations for the return of the Syrian refugees to their areas liberated from terrorism and tyranny; and to end the policy of blackmail practiced by Turkey. We also pay tribute to the people of Turkey, especially the Kurdish people in Turkey and in Istanbul, to overthrow the tyrannical Erdogan, who turned Turkey today into a pariah state not only against the people and the Kurdish cause but against all the Arab countries and the components of the Middle East and southern Europe.

We pledge our people once again that the new Ottoman plans are being thwarted by the resistance of our people and our resolve to restore the land and the looted Syrian territories occupied by the authoritarian regime of Ankara; foremost of which is the liberation of Afrin and its liberation has become the real step to resolve the Syrian crisis guided by the relevant international resolutions.


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