PYD calls on young people not to emigrate over drowning of dozens of Rojava children on Algiers ship

​​​​​​​The Democratic Union Party called on the young men not to abandon their land and society and work to build their homeland, and not to be deceived by brokers so that they would not be prey to human traffickers, pledging to do everything possible to block the way in front of these events.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party issued a statement to the public opinion regarding the sinking of the ship that was carrying dozens of Rojava people to take them from Algeria to Europe.

The Party began its statement by offering condolences to the families of the deceased in the shipwreck, "We received news of the death of dozens of Kurds from Rojava, most of them from Kobani, in the sinking of a ship transporting them from Algeria to European lands with great sadness and sorrow.

The statement continued, "Displacement was one of the common means practiced by the enemies of the Kurdish people for centuries. It was not violent with massacres, killing, coercion with the aim of emptying the land of its original inhabitants and settling those who brought them in a systematic demographic engineering that meets their ambitions to create a society and environment that keep pace with the ambitions and plans of the ruling regimes.

The statement highlighted the fascist Turkish state's violation of the cease-fire agreements to terrorize the population, destabilize them, and then displace them. Turkey bombs all areas of Rojava on a daily basis, despite having concluded two agreements.

At the conclusion of its statement, PYD pledged, "We will do everything we can to block the way in front of these events, by fighting these gangs that have tempted our youth and pushed them to death on the migration routes."



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