​​​​​​​PYD condemns attack on Guerillas, calls for standing against PDK policies

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) considered the attack on the Guerilla fighters a "targeting of the national unity", explaining that PDK actions are "a very dangerous policy that puts all the gains of the Kurdish people at risk," and called for standing up to them.

Today, the General Council of the Democratic Union Party issued a statement to the public opinion, a copy of which got by ANHA.

The beginning of the statement said, "At a time when the heroic Guerrilla forces are inflicting losses on the Turkish army, the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party have mobilized forces in the areas of clashes to help and support the Turkish army," stressing that "the mobilization of forces means preparing the ground for an engagement, and this is what happened in the last days."

PYD condemned "any direct or indirect cooperation of PDK with the Turkish army against the Guerrillas."

It added that "what the forces affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party are doing is considered a very dangerous policy that puts all the gains of the Kurdish people at risk. The attack on the Guerrillas is an attack on the common values ​​of our people, and a targeting of the national unity that the Guerrillas are the guarantor force for it, so we call on the Kurdish forces to stand up to these policies."

At the conclusion of its statement, it called on "the Kurdistan Democratic Party to abandon these dangerous practices that will have serious repercussions on the future of our people in the four parts."

The statement of the Democratic Union Party comes against the background of the attack launched by the Kurdistan Democratic Forces against the Guerrilla forces in the Khalifan area of ​​Başûr Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan) on the 26th of this July, which led to the martyrdom of a number of Guerrilla fighters.

The Martyrs' Families Councils in several cities of al-Jazirah region, earlier in the day, condemned the attack, and demanded that all Kurds expose the treasonous policies.



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