PYD Conference in Kobani canton continues for 2nd day

The activities of the second day of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Conference have begun in Kobani canton with a number of speeches.


The activities of the second day of the Democratic Union Party Conference in Kobani canton began with the presence of a large number of members and administrators of the party, as well as members and administrators of institutions within the canton and political parties.

The conference will be held under the slogan "We will liberate Afrin and build a decentralized, democratic Syria through organization and determination."

The conference comes at a time when the Syrian people, especially in the north and east of the country present a moral determination to resist against any threat of its gains that they have achieved in the past few years and in conjunction with the issues of the Turkish threats against the people of the region.

The party’s conference continues with the presence of the party's co-chair Shahuz Hasan and hundreds of party members.

The first day of the conference was held at Baki Khado Center for Culture and Art in the city of Kobani, where many speeches were delivered. It ended after hours with the election of 14 people to administrate the party's work in al-Kanaya district west the canton.

It is held today at the level of Kobani (Kobani city and a few villages adjacent to it), to elect a special administration of the party and discuss the situation of the party in Kobani district.

Shahuz Hasan, the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, delivered a speech at the opening of the second day of the conference in which he pointed out that the gains of components in the regions of north and east Syria should be taken mainly in every negotiation or political exchange. He said all the negotiation with the Syrian regime and other parties in Syria is to maintain the revolution in north and east of Syria and no negotiation about any danger against the gains achieved by the people "

On the other hand, a number of welcoming words were delivered on behalf of the Kongra Star by Samira Ahmed and the Martyrs' Families Council by Ronahi Ahmed, while a number of letters were sent by a number of political parties, most notably the Future Syria Party were also delivered.

The internal system of the party and its organizational conditions are scheduled to be discussed at the present time, in addition to reading and discussing the annual report of the party's activities in Kobani district.



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